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I'm here to share the most current and accurate nutrition information for rowing. This site was developed to be used by both athletes and parents.


The athletes train rigorously at practice with Boris, Bob, Jackie, Rich, Andrew, and myself. There is no way around it. TRAINING, is the key to rowing success. To win races, athletes need to have fast times and impeccable technique. Strength is built on the meters done on the erg and water, with weights, and allowing the body to recover and build. The best athletes are the ones that are thinking about the sport more than just those 2-3 hours they are at practice. To be the best you personally can, you need to think about training, recovering, and fueling. This is having proper eating habits, hydration, and sleep.


I will never say, eating right will be enough to win a race because we all know that its simply not true. I can say the wrong food choice can result in a few extra seconds that cause you to lose a race. Just because you ate a pasta dinner does not mean you will out perform your opponent.  Yet, if two athletes are competing, and one is fueled properly and the other is trying to perform on an empty stomach, whom do you think will have the energy to win?


We want to fuel your engine to help you put yourself in the best possible position to perform. You’re doing all the hard work on the erg, in the weight room, and on the water. You’d be cheating yourself and your boat if you did not give your body the energy it needs to race.  The proper nutrition can help you recover, build muscle, and provide you with energy to make that final push at the finish.


Parents, we need your help! To make being an elite athlete possible, having good food and snacks available is critical.

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I'm Maggie McCrudden, I graduated from RHS in 2010 and went on to Syracuse University. I rowed for the D1 program at 'Cuse during my 4 years, and was captain my senior year. I graduated in May 2014 with a BS in Nutrition. I am currently in a MS/DI program at the College of Saint Elizabeth, expected to graduate in May 2016 with a masters and as a Registered Dietition. 

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